Breathing New Life 2012
Southbank Melbourne

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This activity will be submitted to ACM, RANZCOG, ACRRM and RACGP for CPD point allocation, and to RACGP or ACRRM for Procedural Training Grants Program eligibility.

The outcomes of these applications will be published as they become available.

25th May - 6.5 points
26th May - 6 points
Antenatal - 6 points
Communications - 6 points
Women Centred Care - 6 points
Motivational Interviewing - 6 points
Vacuum Delivery - 6 points

Full attendance - 16 points
25th May - 8 points
26th May - 8 points
Antenatal Workshop - 6 points

Full attendance - conference
E1202BNLM - 13 Core )&G
Antenatal Workshop
E1201BNLM - 6 Core O&G

Full conference attendance :
Category 2 - 30 points
Social Media & Crisis Communication:
Category 1 - 40 points
Women Centred Care:
Category 1 - 40 points
Antenatal Care:
Category 1 - 40 points
Motivational Internviewing:
Category 1 - 40 points

Early Bird Registration has been extended to the 10th April

Tara Moss, UNICEF Australia's Patron for Breastfeeding
to deliver opening address


On behalf of the Organising Committee we are pleased to invite you to join with us in Melbourne from the 24th to 26th May 2012 for the 4th Biennial Breathing New Life into maternity Care multidisciplinary conference.

Working together: balancing the risk in maternity care.

The aim of the conference is to consider the landscape of risk in 2012 as it relates to the provision of maternity services.

As society becomes more risk averse there is the need to rationalise risk, and place risk in perspective relative to our day to day lives.

We hope to achieve this by showcasing national and international experts in the fields of maternity care and beyond, considering the impact of social media, communication, ethics, as well as reviewing leading edge, clinical practice.

Now, more that ever before, we are challenged to improve the sustems and structures that build better relationships between doctors and midwives.

Our shared vision for this conference is that interprofessional learning opportunities will result in a new shared culture of care in the future where the woman is at the centre and mutual understanding, trust and effective collaboration become the cornerstones of best care.

We look forward to welcoming you and your contributions to this innovative and exciting conference.

See you in Melbourne.

Helen Cooke
Co- conference Chair

Andrew Zuschmann
Co-conference Chair


Australian College of Midwives
Royal College of General Practitioners